CEREMONIUM "   A Fading Cry for Repentance "  Cassette

CEREMONIUM " A Fading Cry for Repentance " Cassette

CEREMONIUM "   A Fading Cry for Repentance "  Cassette 

was a rare unreleased rehearsal cassette unearthed , this was the exact rehearsal recording that got Ceremonium signed to Necroharmonic for the ' Nightfall in Heaven : 7 ep  , released in 1993

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Roommates Oscar Matter & Victor Rivera began their collaboration upon the dissolution of their bands Fungus & Putrifact. Eager to explore & push the boundaries of extreme music, they soon developed the monumental death doom project called Ceremonium.
Recruiting Tom Pioli (former guitarist of Putrifact), along with the help of drummer Jon Brody (Deteriorot), they recorded 3 songs that brought their dark musical ideas to life. This rehearsal was submitted to Necroharmonic Productions which eventually led to the recording of the “Nightfall In Heaven” 7 inch.
Previously unreleased & available for the first time, “A Fading cry for repentance” is a glimpse into the initial stage of Ceremonium in all its raw fury!

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