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Birdflesh / Organ Dealer - Spilt LP

Birdflesh / Organ Dealer - Spilt LP

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Birdflesh / Organ Dealer - Spilt LP 12' LP vinyl


19 tracks of raging grindcore!! Sweden vs New Jersey in a battle for ultimate grindcore supremacy!!


A1 Birdflesh– Born To Wait
A2 Birdflesh– The Lawn Mover
A3 Birdflesh– Trapped In Forcepower
A4 Birdflesh– Caligoulash
A5 Birdflesh– Dead Is Alive
A6 Birdflesh– Gory Morning Glory
A7 Birdflesh– Miss Complaint
A8 Birdflesh– Insane Inventor
A9 Birdflesh– Unweather
A10 Birdflesh– The Man Who Turned Into A Boy
B11 Organ Dealer– Violence Ensues
B12 Organ Dealer– An Ending
B13 Organ Dealer– Caged Resentment
B14 Organ Dealer– Chemical Reaction
B15 Organ Dealer– Exasperated
B16 Organ Dealer– Dilemmas Of The Blind
B17 Organ Dealer– Controlled Submission
B18 Organ Dealer– The Familiar Darkness
B19 Organ Dealer– Consent To Hatred





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