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Pathologically Explicit Recordings

Bowel Stew "Debridement" CD

Bowel Stew "Debridement" CD

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Bowel Stew "Debridement" CD


Bowel Stew from Italy has a long history of gore grind releases and this is their 3rd album of Brutal Death/splatter/goregrind from Italy! 9 tracks including a BRODEQUIN cover! Experience the intense brutality and relentless intensity of Bowel Stew's latest offering! Nine tracks of punishing, maelstrom destruction, including a special cover song of a classic track. Get ready for an unforgettable auditory journey!

1 Cruentatio Cadaveris 
2 Hung, Gutted And Degloved 
3 Liquefactive Necrosis 
4 Exanguinate The Vermiform 
5 Gaunching Torture 
6 Thanatophiliac Parthenophagy 
7 Injected With Syphilis 
8 Excarnating The Debrided 
9 Hollow - Written-By - Originally By – Brodequin

this  is the Euro version on  Pathologically Explicit Recordings


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