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Pathologically Explicit Recordings

Bowel Stew "Necrocoital Amputorgy" CD

Bowel Stew "Necrocoital Amputorgy" CD

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Bowel Stew "Necrocoital Amputorgy" CD 



1. Necrocoital Amputorgy
2. Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead
3. Horrorwhore / Sadoasylum
4. Sacrificial Defleshing Of The Gangrenous
5. Biastophiliac Disembowelment
6. Defecate To Masticate
7. Placentophagical Abortorium
8. Sexorcistic Evisceration
9. Maggot Debridement Of Necrotic Vaginal Lesions
10. Lucker The Necrophagous
11. Curse Of The Werewhore
12. Acrotomophiliac Rituals Of Gynophagia
13. Prostituta
14. Necromania
15. Orgasmo Rosso Sangue
16. Porno Holocaust
17. Gulag 69
18. Devoured Alive (Mortician cover)





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