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Gasp "Sore For Days" LP

Gasp "Sore For Days" LP

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Gasp "Sore For Days" LP

This is GASP's reissue of their 1996 demo, "Sore For Days," on vinyl,  which is known for its crushing and sickening death/sludge sound. The demo available on vinyl for the first time,

Originally released only on cassette, this reissue offers fans a chance to experience the brutal and down-tuned agony of GASP's early work.

The release includes a Fear of God cover and a Sodom cover, adding extra layers to the already intense demo.

This reissue seems like a great opportunity for fans to delve into the band's history and appreciate the unique heavy death/sludge sound that GASP developed in their early years, setting the stage for their later classic debut album on Slap A Ham Records.



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