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Gruesome Stuff Relish / Offal - SPLIT LP

Gruesome Stuff Relish / Offal - SPLIT LP

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Gruesome Stuff Relish / Offal - Split LP


The veterans of Spain's OG goregrind and death cannibals are set to engage in a sonic battle with Brazil's death metal horror freaks, OFFAL, as they join forces for an upcoming split record. This LP promises a thrilling match-up, bringing together two longstanding and influential bands from the death metal and goregrind music scene. The collaboration is poised to deliver a powerful and dynamic blend of styles, showcasing the enduring prowess of both Spanish and Brazilian acts in the realm of extreme music. Get ready for an intense and memorable experience as these two formidable forces unite for a split record that amplifies their collective impact on the global death metal and goregrind community.


Gruesome Stuff Relish– Last Cannibal Tribe 3:48
Gruesome Stuff Relish– Dawn Of The Mummified Corpses 2:10
Gruesome Stuff Relish– Curse Of The Morbid Crypt 1:45
Gruesome Stuff Relish– A Matter Of Time 2:10

Offal– Guts For The Blood Freak 5:30
Offal– Crypt Of Fulci 1:19  ( with Slasher Dave ! )
Offal– Inferno Of Hexed Impieties 7:10




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