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Thrash Metal Classic

Kreator " Coma of Souls " CD

Kreator " Coma of Souls " CD

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Kreator " Coma of Souls " CD


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 2006 Noise / Sanctuary version 

Coma of Souls' presumably is one of the most polished thrash metal albums ever made in the early nineties. By no means it sounds too commercial. The overall polished sound is a very fresh whirlwind which doesn't do any harm to the remarkable rawness and fastness of the album. This is a turning point of Kreator because their preceding albums often lack both originality and modern sound. Every track seamlessly links to a time machine kinda feel that this album exhales. It sounds adventurous in a nearly intangible way without sounding inaccessible. The only downside of this album is that only 'Hidden Dictator' has a terrific, stunning variety of rhythms. But hardly any track critically lacks variety in rhythms, so this downside is just a footnote not arguable if overlooked!
This album is also the very first one which shows impressive international allure equivalent to Sepultura's which has overgrown their small town German origin 


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