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Dark Descent

Undergang " De Syv stadier af fordærv " CD

Undergang " De Syv stadier af fordærv " CD

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Undergang " De Syv stadier af fordærv " CD

When it comes to Danish death metal, nothing compares to the intense and heavy sound of UNDERGANG's 2023 EP. And with each new release, the band's music only continues to grow in power and impact, as seen in their latest concept album, "De Syv stadier af fordærv." This one-of-a-kind album showcases seven meticulously crafted tracks, each delving into the slow decay of the human body through unique and powerful death metal soundscapes. Get your hands on this must-have album, available in a deluxe jewel case with an exclusive 12-page booklet.

De-syv-stadier-CD with front cover artwork by Phoebus A.D Moreleón + Liv og Död art


Død 2:53
Mælkehvid Og Gennemsigtigt 3:14
Livløs I En Pøl Af Egne Udskillelser 5:00
Dødsstivhed 1:56
Misfarvning Af Liget 2:35
Forrådnelse 2:32
Skeletisering 1:51

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