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Corpse Gristle

Pissrot " Piss Vile Gunk " Cassette Tape

Pissrot " Piss Vile Gunk " Cassette Tape

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Pissrot " Piss. Vile. Gunk.  "   cassette Tape 


East Tennessee youngsters playing Caveman and Chainsaw Filthiness This is their debut demo is on piss-colored cassettes. Limited to 100 copies. This demo is also part of a split CD with fellow Tennesseans, RITUAL FOG. Snag it up! For the true underground aficionado, it's guaranteed to be 90s punk perfection in a sticky, sickly, and definitely "piss-colored" package—complete with a split CD collab with RITUAL FOG. Get it while it's hot (and slimy)! This demo is the perfect mix of 90s punk and modern underground vibes, offering a unique and unforgettable!!   with the included split CD collab with RITUAL FOG! Get it now while supplies last to enjoy a truly unforgettable musical journey!


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