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Plauge Patrol / Sewer Fiend - Split LP

Plauge Patrol / Sewer Fiend - Split LP

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 Plague Patrol / Sewer Fiend's Split LP 12" record

An abominable collaboration set to emerge! Summoned through Headsplit Records, this is no ordinary release. Sewer Fiend and Plague Patrol have only one release each, and Dry Cough was fortunate to have contributed to both. Sewer Fiend's Echoes from the Cistern EP evoked such an enthusiastic response that it sold out; and was further released in the US, South America, and Japan via Sewer Rot Records, Black Legion Records, and Obliteration Records, respectively. Sewer Fiend's side entails two tracks of heavy, ambience-reminiscent death-doom. Prepare for a hefty, malformed fusion of grisly riffs, guttural grunts, and sinister psychedelic nuances-- all with an unwavering throb of grotesque basslines and punishing percussion. On the other hand, Plague Patrol has dug into John Carpenter's The Thing, emulating the sci-fi masterpiece


Plagued by Z – drums, R – guitars & bass, S – vocals
Patrolled by Otyn at Davos Studios in February 2022
Mixed & mastered by Otyn at Davos Studio in March 2022
Artwork by Lucas Korte in 2022

Man is the warmest place to hide!


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