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Desert Wastelands

Putrid Tomb CD

Putrid Tomb CD

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Putrid Tomb CD

Putrid Tomb is a death metal band hailing from Southern California. They are back at it again with their brand new self-titled EP. Showcasing a much more refined and technical sound, but not lacking in brutality, Putrid Tomb’s new EP is a blistering offering of bludgeoning riffs, breakneck blasting, and ultra-low vocals. For fans of Suffocation, Disgorge, and Deeds of Flesh, Putrid Tomb defies the common trend. Here are no caveman riffs.


Cover by Brad Moore !

CD / EP release...


1 Heaven's Gate
2 Afterbirth
3 The Reanimator
4 Comatose (Soul Psychosis)
5 Putrid Tomb
6 Unholy Prophecies (Bonus Track)


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