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Sulfuric Cautery " Suffocation Feats of Dehumanization " CD

Sulfuric Cautery " Suffocation Feats of Dehumanization " CD

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Sulfuric Cautery " Suffocation Feats of Dehumanization " CD  


SULFURIC CAUTERY unleashes a relentless onslaught of 20 tracks embodying uncompromising hypergoregrind torture, unbridled rage, and a visceral disdain for humanity. Hailing from Los Angeles, the band returns with an explosive collection that pushes the boundaries of lethal hypergrind. With a seamless transition between shanking and bludgeoning, 'Suffocating Feats of Dehumanization' delivers the most dominating and comprehensive SULFURIC CAUTERY material to date.

Prepare for a chaotic journey through sixteen and a half minutes of incalculable blast beat aggression. The album's demented cover art and layout, crafted by Liddo Animal, add an extra layer of madness to the sonic chaos. Gear up for an immersive experience in pulverizing mayhem that solidifies SULFURIC CAUTERY's position at the forefront of hypergrind intensity."


2nd full length from America's most unrelenting blast unit

1 Torrential Regurgitation
2 Prying Out Teeth For Information
3 Fatal Prescription Incentive
4 Rat Castration
5 Euphoric Atrocities
6 Atrophy
7 Neurosarcocleisis
8 Failed Pneuma
9 Contradictive Ideology
10 Cast Off Blood Splatter
11 Informant Disembowelment
12 Incorrect Diagnosis Resulting In Fatal Hypoxia
13 Mouth And Lungs Stuffed With Fiberglass
14 Nitrogen Narcosis
15 Gasoline Sewers
16 Lung Puncturing Fetish
17 Compulsive Retaliation
18 Unequivocally Humorless
19 Systematic Dehumanization Propaganda
20 Solemn Epiphany


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