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Torture Rack " Barbaric Persecution " LP - Clear Vinyl

Torture Rack " Barbaric Persecution " LP - Clear Vinyl

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Torture Rack " Barbaric Persecution "  LP - Clear Vinyl 

Hailing from Portland's underground scene, Torture Rack unleashes their debut album, "Barbaric Persecution," a relentless onslaught of death metal released in 2015. Drawing influence from classic acts like Cannibal Corpse and Autopsy, they deliver raw, unapologetic brutality with a hint of B-movie horror aesthetic reminiscent of Mortician. The album features heavy guitar riffs, huge drums, and gory vocals, staying true to osdm style metal roots while bringing their touch.

With little respite, the album maintains an oppressive atmosphere, leaving listeners immersed in its claustrophobic intensity. Torture Rack's commitment to the genre's primal essence shines through, offering a refreshing departure from the polished productions often found in modern death metal. Their ability to capture the authentic spirit of the genre makes them a standout in today's scene. "Barbaric Persecution" is a must-listen for fans craving pure, unadulterated death metal, showcasing the band's promise and leaving anticipation for more.

*Re-issued on LP in March 2023 by Extremely Rotten Productions and Parasitic Records


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