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Dark Descent

Undergang ” Levende forrådnelse... Live i Usa “ Cd Digipack

Undergang ” Levende forrådnelse... Live i Usa “ Cd Digipack

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Undergang” Levende forrådnelse... Live i USA“ Cd - Digipack

Join us in reliving the intense energy of our 2017 US tour promoting our newly released album "Misantropologi". Some adjustments have been made for a more immersive listening experience, while still capturing the raw, unbridled passion of an Undergang live show. As we celebrate our ten years of spreading disease and decay, we invite all the crazy maniacs who were there and those yet to experience the madness to join us and remain forever infected!!


1.Når bømene dør 04:20
2. Sygelige nydelser II 01:54
3. Døden læger alle sår 01:59
4. Englemagersken 03:31
5. Efter obduktionen 03:26
6. Sygelige nydelser I 01:34
7. Klynget op i en galge af egne indvolde 02:41
8. Kogt i blod 05:50
9. Kronisk betændelse i tarmene 03:43 
10. The Chasm 03:52
11. Forkullede rester 05:49





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